SOUDOTAPE Strips & RECORD Fluxes for Strip Cladding

The Brand Soudokay stands for overlaying applications. As a market leader in the research, development and production of agglomerated fluxes for electroslag and submerged arc strip cladding of various alloys (un – and low alloyed, stainless steel, Nickel alloys and co-alloys).  Soudokay has the largest range of RECORD fluxes and SOUDOTAPE strips for strip cladding of components used in numerous industries.
You will find in the two fields "Electroslag Strip Cladding" and "Submergerd Arc Strip Cladding" the basic information and main products for both applications. Please contact us for more specifications and details, we have the solution and we can supply your needs.   Applications : - Mild steel buffer layers on C-steel - Cladding of nuclear power components - Petrochemical industry (hydrocracking vessels) - Chemical industry - Offshore - Paper industry - Tube plates - Surfacing of continuous casting rollers

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